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The KSU Biotechnology Research Working Group:

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

 The Research Working Group consists of faculty and staff from both KSU’s Land Grant Program and Division of Mathematics and Sciences. Biotechnology research opportunities for undergraduate students and for the BIO 410 Special Problems course are available with the following research areas:

Bioremediation and environmental science
Tissue culture
Molecular genetics of paddlefish
Human nutrition and toxicology
Molecular genetics of pawpaw
Fish Genetics
Applied impacts of genetically engineered crops
Prawn molecular genetics
Nutritional biochemistry
Human nutrition

For information about research opportunities, contact: Dr. Kirk Pomper, Biotechnology Research Contact, Atwood Research Facility, KSU Land Grant Programs, Frankfort, KY 40601,  (502) 597-5942 or

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Questions about Biotechnology? Contact Dr. Kirk Pomper at

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